Sports betting

A lot of people claim to have many winnings out of sports betting, which is a huge lie because statistically 98% of punters are losing their money in a long term.

How many people publishing their success stories after a winning bet? They are the same people hiding when things go the other way and they act like nothing happened. So first rule, trust people that speak with numbers and facts. Trust people that keep a virtual bank and/or a history of their predictions.

Also, even if you find someone to trust keep an eye on their form as tipsters very often are in a bad streak and you should avoid following them.

Try finding people that provide tips on single events. Multiple events (combo bets or accumulators) may offer a chance for more profit however, statistically speaking, the more the number of events in a bet, the lower the chances of winning.

Another tip is to try finding tipsters that give betting tips on markets with two possible outcomes. In terms of football predictions, prefer markets like over/under (usually 2,5 goals) and asian handicap. It’s easier predicting a result when you have two possible outcomes (theoretically 50–50%) rather than having three possible outcomes (theoretically 33–33–33%).