Our year in the Twittersphere (2016)

Let us review the past year at Klagenfurt’s Networked and Embedded Systems institute with some tweets. Although these spotlights do not show the full spectrum of our activities they give a nice glimpse on our work throughout an academic year.


Doctoral student Daniel Neuhold and postdoctoral researcher Jorge Schmidt develop concepts for reliable wireless sensor networks in airplanes together with Airbus Group Innovations and Lakeside Labs. The newspaper Die Presse reports: “Wireless above the clouds.”


The people in our smart grids group — Wilfried Elmenreich and his student Christoph Klemenjak — developed a new measurement device that helps to achieve energy savings in households.


This tweet about the low acceptance rate of European funding for research projects in the Horizon 2020 program “Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)” became quite popular.


Our institute offered several demonstrations at the 2016 Austrian science night (“Lange Nacht der Forschung”). One station dealt with sensor networks for disaster management.

Many students ask: “Should I pursue a career in academia?” Two of our professors summarize their personal perspectives on the characteristics and career paths, and give hints that might be helpful in making this important decision.

Several institute members attended the Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) Week in Vienna.

Snow chaos at the end of April:


A new project with SKIDATA and Lakeside Labs has the objective to design an advanced passenger access system for cabin-based transport systems, to optimize and deploy it. Our contribution is the system modeling using queuing theory.

Bernhard Rinner gave a talk at ACM Multimedia Systems about privacy in smart camera systems.

Our doctoral alumni have interesting stories to share at our annual institute workshop in May. Most of them work in industry or research laboratories.


Advising and working with students is one of the most honorable tasks for professors. This can sometimes be a challenging task though, as Wilfried Elmenreich reports.


Wilfried Elmenreich became full professor at our institute.


It is vacation season! Many staff members take some days off to enjoy the lovely nature in Carinthia — they take a hike or go swimming with their friends and families.


A novel convergence proof for self-organizing time synchronization by former staff member and doctoral graduate Johannes Klinglmayr and Christian Bettstetter together with colleagues from Rockefeller University and the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control. Complexity Digest reports.

Micha Rappaport wrote at Robohub.com about his work on coordinated recharging of mobile robots during exploration. Check the following video explaining his research.

Andrea Tonello was awarded the IET Communications Premium Award for an article on physical layer security in power line communications.

Our technician and student Christoph Klemenjak participated in a talkshow hosted by the Austrian television ORF about renewable energy.

Many researchers came to Klagenfurt in September for a workshop on energy informatics. Andrea Tonello gave a talk about one of his core research subjects: power line communications.

Austrian television ORF visited us to take some shots for a documentary about the Lakeside Science & Technology Park.


Raheeb Muzaffar, student in the international Erasmus-Mundus program “Interactive and cognitive environments”, was interviewed by Romy Müller. Her story was featured by Robohub.com. Raheeb graduated in December with his thesis on routing and video streaming in drone networks.


Samira Hayat, research and teaching staff member, gave a talk at TEDx in CERN. She shared her personal story of how she experienced drone strikes in Pakistan, her coming to Europe and being offered a researcher job at our institute on networked mini-drone systems.

Bernhard Rinner co-authored a book on self-aware computing systems as a result of the European project EPiCs. The newspaper Der Standard reported about this book.


The wireless networking of mini-drones has been a research subject for many years at our institute. Now, Hermann Hellwagner and Christian Bettstetter summarize some research issues in this domain.

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