Key and Peele: “Megan, Come back!”

It’s all about the chase: The analysis on power struggle and stereotypes in a relationship

Key and Peele have a remarking ability to transform ordinary life scenarios into thrilling comedic sketches. Their attention to detail and the delivery of each joke enhances the overall effect. In this particular sketch, they bring in the aspect of something most can relate too- A couple having an argument. Mostly everyone has witnessed one or either experienced it for themselves. The aspect of familiarity is what aides in the success of their skits. The more familiar these everyday ordinary life experiences are to the audience, the more comedic it becomes.

I guess it’s safe to say that comedy really is a universal language, because behind every comedic skit, it holds a deep message we can all relate to. In this sketch it focuses on a couple who are arguing after a situation that occurs in a bar. Meegan seems to be upset, because she feels as if her boyfriend had directed attention to someone else. When looking at this sketch we can see the factor of jealousy and miscommunication brought up. Both of which are prominent problems that often many relationships face in today's society.

We first see Meegan at the beginning of the video storming out of the bar. Her boyfriend Andre is chasing after her, asking her to return, but Meegan has plans of her own. Andre mentions that he has her jacket that she left behind, but she says she doesn’t want it. This repeats at least three times before Meegan officially says, “I’m over it!” Andre agrees in frustration and yells in response, “Fine!” He turns around so his back is facing Meegan and walks away, but then he stops in his tracks. Meegan slowly turns around and waits for his reaction.

See the thing is, Andre feels bad for leaving things unsettled. I mean what guy could really let his girlfriend walk away after an unsettled argument? So of course being the man that he is, he cant help but to turn around.

The Beginning of the end

Little does Andre know this is where he ultimately falls into Meegan's trap, at which point there is no return. I guess you can call it the beginning of the end for him. Once he turns around, this is what awaits him.

Meegan delivers an entrancing gaze

As tears are falling down her face she gazes at Andre. You know when a Lion is just about to go in for the kill and locks eyes on its prey? Well this is exactly what's seen here. The only difference here is that she simultaneously does it in an entrancing way, almost as if she's trying to put a spell on him. She continues the gaze until he begs once more, “Meegan come back to the bar!’. Meegan immediately yells,“No !”. She continues to walk away from Andre and continues “The chase”. I guess Andre has never heard of the saying that you never chase after love. This part of the sketch plays on the stereotype that women often like to make their significant other feel guilty. More often times to get what they want. All we have to do is flash those puppy dog eyes and were in. Just as a child would when they want to get away with something. Meegan continues the chase through an alley and on a lake. By the third time on the lake we know for certain Meegan truly isnt over it and may never get over it. At this point she is completely using the power she has over Andre. She’s playing a complete mind game and she wont stop until she's completely satisfied.

Not only is this also another example for a stereotype of women in relationships its about women in general. They say we can never make up our minds and are always so indecisive.

Like Meegan, make up your mind already are you over it or not ? Your making us women look bad .

If we take a deeper look into Meegan's dramatic behavior, we can see that for one she's clearly still upset of what she “interpreted” of Andres behavior at the bar. Secondly, she most certainly wont stop until she makes him pay the cost. In other episodes of the misadventures of Meegan and Andre we can see that their relationship is a constant power struggle. As soon as Andre shows a bit of individuality or even for just a second makes Meegan feel inferior she puts him in place. Meegan even goes out of her way in one episode when Andre reveals to her what type of person he assumed Meegan was. Meegan doesnt like this and immediately starts behaving in that exact manner Andre assumed of her just so Andre’s assumptions were valid. No matter what, Meegan somehow always gets the upper hand and asserts complete dominance. By this point the audience may begin to wonder when Andre will realize that maybe Meegan probably just isn't the one for him.

Love is Blind

Towards the end of the sketch Andre ends up following Meegan all the way into a desert, their final destination.The exhaustion of both characters is very apparent as Meegan falls to the ground. Andre then collapses behind her to his knees. To what great lengths would one go for their significant other? I've come to the conclusion that is there is no limit. If one is blindly in love and such is the case with Andre, you will do all it takes with every ounce of your heart to cater to your significant other. Before he takes his last breath he looks out into the horizon and is shocked as he cannot believe what he sees before him.

Is Love really a game as they say ?

Yes,In fact it is, and in this case . . . a very deadly one .

Hopefully the next “Andre” will pay their cards right and wont get caught up in oblivion.


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