Check On What Happens When a Parent Has Visitation With Their Child

When couples divorce and they have children, they will typically split the amount of time they spend with the children. If the child says or does something that worries one of the parents, they might decide to look into what is happening at the other parent’s home. If the parent suspects abuse or neglect, they can obtain the evidence they need to reduce the visitation for the other parent.

Find Evidence of What is Happening

A child who simply doesn’t want to see the other parent any more might not be enough to actually change the custody plan. Even if the child admits to what has happened see John Cutter Investigations, there may need to be further evidence of what is wrong for the parent to reduce the visitation of the accused parent.

It’s important for the parent to make sure they can get the evidence they need to show their child is being abused or neglected at the other parent’s home if they’d like to try to reduce visitation. It can be incredibly difficult for them to obtain evidence on their own, and to make sure the evidence is going to be allowed in court when they attend a hearing on potentially restricting visitation.

The parent might decide to work with an investigator to get the help they need in this situation. The investigator knows what to look for and how to make sure the evidence can be used in court during the hearing to discuss visitation. They can help the parent prepare the evidence for the hearing and ensure it will be sufficient to help the parent get the outcome they need.Visit to learn more or call to request a free consultation today.

Provide Evidence to the Judge

Once the parent has all of the evidence they need, it’s time to formally request a reduction in visitation for the other parent. They will need to schedule a hearing to do this and will need to present their evidence during the hearing. It’s a good idea for them to work with a lawyer to ensure the evidence is presented properly and to ensure they have a much better chance of being able to reduce the visitation of the other spouse if they are abusing or neglecting the child.

If you believe your spouse is abusing or neglecting your child during their time with the child, you will want to take action now and get the help you need to find evidence of the abuse or neglect. Take the time to speak with a Private Investigator now to learn more about how they can help you gather the evidence you need to prevent further issues with the other parent.

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