The One Piece of Writing Every Hillary Supporter Should Read
Memo Salazar

Whose tail have you been licking? What has bernie big pants been doing all his life? Has he ever worked a legitimate job? Does he lift his hands to do his work? No, he flaps his lips. Hillary doesn’t have a pretty name. Her husband chases skirts. And, worst of all, she’s female. And, she’s certainly smarter than most of us. Those sins are certainly unforgivable. BUT, Hillary is forgiving. She’s flexible. She’s been discriminated against all her life and has yet to take up her axe, her gun, or even a baseball bat. I’ve seen really ugly and untrue cartoons and comments about her and her family that would have incited riots if aimed at 99 percent of people in this country. She’s kept her mind on the job to be done. I’m voting.