Betty Godwin Mackie Successfully Completed Many Projects as a General Contractor

Betty Godwin Mackie is a diligent professional having many years of experience. She is a General Contractor and worked with various reputed interior designers as well as the property owners. She helped them in choosing the following items for their properties:

  • Counter-Tops
  • Cabinets
  • Paint colors and other hardware

As a General Contractor, she was responsible for planning all the phases of the project. She interacted with various architects and assisted them in the designing of the project. In order to make sure the projects were completed within the time and as per the budget of the client, she personally supervised everything and often scheduled meetings with the sub-contractors. She has successfully designed various home renovation jobs along with various designing layouts.

Over the years, Betty Godwin Mackie worked consistently and re-purposed several existing materials, which include antique hinges, stained glass windows, and doorknobs. Apart from being a General Contractor, she is a Technical Writer at B and D Technical Writing Company for more than a decade. Betty gained good experience in writing newspaper articles, brochures, manuals, including grant writing.

After gaining sufficient experience in the field of Technical Writing, she tried her hands in designing patent beachwear and beach tables for Betty Godwin Mackie has designed the most distinguished as well as the unique beachwear, compact and lightweight beach-tables in order to keep refreshments and to keep sands off the important belongings. In order to keep up with the coastal themes, she chose the decors for baths, kitchen, as well as for the houses, wherever it was needed.

Betty also encountered several problems along the way, such as seizing back payment until jobs were completed to code and customer satisfaction, dealing with landscaping firms that cut down wrong trees and have them re-planted on their expenses, an uncooperative contractor for repair work that was deemed substandard, with a national window firm that sized and ordered the incorrect size windows and they were forced to cover the expenses incurred, and discovering water leaks in one of the projects that required working closely with engineers.