Letter #23: How to read, write and think better
Johnson Kee

I truly enjoyed this letter. I started several weeks ago on an independent sort of 100 words per day 1) to see how many that was and 2) if I could think of something to write each day. I have a “journal” that started in 2000 as a record of our 50 years of marriage and for all practical purposes is not finished yet. My husband died just before our 60th anniversary. In the process of this journal (for some reason I labeled it “narrative”I got involved with genealogy and putting tons of pictures together in what I labeled “plates”(have no firm reason why) and maybe, someday the volumes will be of some interest to my kids. Anyway, your suggested daily exercise ended up not being so much of an absolutely daily exercise so much as I found that I wrote a good bit more than that each day…..somewhere. My narrative, my pictures, Facebook or emails. I do not use the rest of the social media simply because I choose not to spend a whole lot of time reading what often seem idle chatter. I truly enjoy your letters so far because I prefer reading something that helps me think in new ways, different views, or provides encouragement in some shape or form. By the way, you probably already know this, but a topic I looked up during Matthew (here in Florida this past week) regarding the belief that reading and writing may have importance in slowing, hindering or maybe avoiding such things as Alzheimer's. Another reason to keep plugging along on what ever it is I do. The thought crossed my mind because of all the stuff that one collects through the years that ultimately are important only to that person, usually, and not family members. Not referring to valuable antiques, etc. Anyway, as with comfort food, it seemed to me that memorabilia was comfort food if you will, for the mind. Keeps it active and busy. So, you see, no sweat on the 100 words a day for me, right. Again, thank you so much. bjb

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