I Think We Can Safely Say The American Culture War Has Been Taken As Far As It Can Go
Caitlin Johnstone

I don’t often disagree with you Caitlin, but I do with you counting this all as just some silliness. It isn’t silliness; it is serious. I have a friend who lives there and lived through this in February when Mil Y showed up to speak — after the alt-right neo-fascists have been roaming around the Bay Area for months. They were at UCB last May, right before the altercation in Sacramento, and no one found out about it in time to mobilize to stop them. Now they show up in Berkeley, of all places, which the neo-Nazis had been largely avoiding for decades. She gave me a play by play blow of what was happened in February. So I must disagree with your analysis of the Berkeley protest yesterday. Fascism in this country is real and fighting it is a worthy cause. And to put it in the same article with Trump’s foreign policy switch-up makes no sense.

Here are some informative articles from the Milo Y protest in February:



And as far as saying people should be out protesting the bombing of Afghanistan as Sharon Adams says, first of all that is a ridiculous argument to say that you must protest only one thing. Should we also not protest other things like the “tax protests” yesterday and focus only on Afghanistan?

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