7 Hints When to Change the Interior

Spring comes

Each new season gives an excellent opportunity for various kinds of experiments. It provides significant assistance in updating the interior.

The long-awaited spring has already come, and if you had not prepared for it, you should do it now: get rid of unnecessary things, put in young plants in terracotta pots, replace the dense texture with a lighter alternative and make many other pleasant and useful transformations.

Spring is a great time to finally create an unusual panel picture or a beautiful headboard for the bed in the bedroom.

Too many things

It is strange enough how people often feel the need of changes on the eve of spring. However, of course, the desire to renovate the interior can appear at any time of the year. If the storage system is initially formed incorrectly, then disorder and visual chaos in the form of your stuff will be ensured to the owners.

In order to avoid this, you need to think carefully about the design, as well as the number of cabinets or special sections for storing shoes, clothes, bedding and seasonal wardrobe items.

In turn, this function can be performed by closed and open shelves, with drawers and removable containers etc. Using a thick curtain, sliding or swinging doors you can hide the contents, it all depends on your individual needs.


If the heart asks for new sensations and so-called aesthetic “shake-up”, then the interior probably lacks the characteristic things that could refresh it. I recommend paying attention to the ethnic motives of such countries as Mexico, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Paraguay, and others. Their culture and original color will undoubtedly bring bright positive emotions and will help in the reincarnation of the everyday urban interior.

Too dark

It happens that people make gross mistakes doing repairs in their own apartment in the pursuit of fashion trends. After all, the interior design, which looks great on the pages of magazines most likely, is not applicable in standard living spaces. In addition, before using one or another idea, you should consult a specialist: an architect, a designer or an artist-decorator.

Superfluous furniture

Superfluous furniture is a negative feature in many houses even today. Most often, the owners are simply not ready to say goodbye to those objects that for years filled the space of their rooms, even if there was no sense in them. But the day when changes are needed due to special circumstances (replenishment in the family or moving to a new place) comes. In this case, it is worth considering that entering a new life you should bring only the most necessary, functional and practical things.

Shelving units, shelves instead of buffets and cabinets in the dining room, chests and curious in the living room — all this can be used with maximum benefit and will not take much space.

Lack of style

Each of you dear readers periodically thinks about the cardinal change of the interior or about his partial transformation. After all, the same colors and furniture tire.

We can deduce that if you feel a lack of emotion, then perhaps there is simply the lack of style in the interior. The walls are painted in faded shades, the wallpaper has lost its relevance, and the furniture is too cumbersome and dark or completely inconspicuous.

No highlight

The decorative design forms the basic and final impression of the atmosphere of the room. If you need to update the interior, you can use a budgetary yet effective method and completely replace the details. Fabrics, lighting, accessories, wall arts, décor with photographs and collections of objects, all this you can take on board and make the interior unique, fresh, and unforgettable.