Breathe New Life into The Interior: 11 Ideas

In today’s article, I want to talk about how to add bright colors to the interior with minimum loss of money and time. Below are presented 11 ways to bring

1. Bright pillows

Perhaps pillows are the easiest way to add color and individuality to the room. Do not be afraid of saturated shades.

The more colors — the better mood! Cannot find the pillows of the desired shades? Get bright chintz and sew the pillowcases by yourself.

2. Motley rug

It’s amazing how a new rug can change the atmosphere in the house. Place a bright rug in the hall; change the old rug in the living room to a colorful rug with an interesting pattern. The new rug should go together with the shades of pillows, paintings, drapes — then even extremely bright colors will look harmonious and stylish.

3. New drapes

Experts recommend change the drapes from winter to summer regularly and vice versa. Do not be afraid of saturated colors. Use green, blue, yellow curtains. The light from the window will color the room in cheerful colors through the bright fabric.

4. Refresh the walls

Paint in a bright shade or glue the bright wallpaper on one of the walls in the room. The accent wall will add the depth and dynamics to your interior.

5. Why buy if you can repaint?

Tired of a boring vase? Don’t know where to use the old frame? Golden candlesticks do not fit in the interior at all? Repaint them! Take acrylic paint, a sprayer, and brushes, arrange a creative workshop at home.

6. Create posters and paintings with your own hands

Of course, you can get accessories and decorative accents, like paintings, rugs, mirrors etc. in special stores, but this is not the only one way. You can also create them on your own! Take a piece of wallpaper with an interesting pattern or cut a piece of fabric with a bright print and use an original frame. This is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to decorate the walls beautifully.

Generally, why do not try your hand at painting? Oil or acrylic, bright strokes, spots, circles and zigzags — and you create a work of modern art by yourself.

7. Refresh the cabinets (bookcases) and shelving units

A very simple and original way to renovate old furniture: paint the inner surface of shelving unit, kitchen-cupboard or bookshelves with bright paint. An alternative option is to glue the shelves inside with a bright fabric or paper with a beautiful pattern.

8. Flowers — the best way to revitalize the interior

And, of course, the most versatile option — fresh flowers. Bouquets from a variety of flowers (from roses to daisies), branches and bamboo, plants in beautiful pots (by the way, pots can be painted too). Pay attention to chrysanthemums. They are reasonable, are sold in a variety of shades and stand for a long time, compared to other flowers. Don’t have time to care for the flowers in the pots? Buy the most high-quality and realistic compositions from the faux flowers, arrange them on shelves and shelving units, and you will see how your interior will be transformed.

9. Paint the floor

Why not? If you have a wooden floor that does not contain a particular artistic value, paint it in a bright color. Add stripes, zigzags or beautiful flowers, cover the floor with several layers of varnish — and it will be the main accent in your apartment.

10. Paint the ceiling

Go even further and paint with bright ceiling paint! This challenge requires some skills, time and efforts, but the result will be truly amazing! Be careful with very bright and dark tones, if you have low ceilings. Try to keep the neutral scale in the decor of the room, adding a few accents that match the color of the ceiling.

11. Paint the doors and/or windows

If you are not ready for such drastic actions as painting the floor or ceiling, refresh your windows and doors. Do not hurry to discard old wooden doors and windows. Painted in bright colors, they will become an integral part of your renovated interior.

There are no rules and prohibitions in the interior design. Surround yourself with those flowers that cheer up and make you happier. Want yellow windows? Dreaming of the pink doors? Buy the necessary shade of paint and create a colorful world around you with your own hands. The only one versatile advice for those who are afraid to make mistakes is no more than three colors in one room. Combining three colors in the decor of your apartment, you can easily create a stylish and bright interior.

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