Furniture for Pets

Where to find a place for a pet, if the interior is very small? How to arrange a recreation area for your lovely pet? It turns out that there are a lot of tricks, as well as pieces of furniture that save space, make it more functional and convenient for both you and your pets.

  1. Multi-purpose nightstands

Of course, a cat or dog should have its own private nook. But where to find it, when the room is limited to square meters? The best solution is a nightstand-kennel. It fits into the interior of any room and can be used as a nightstand as well.

2. On the table and under the table

The owners most often do not let the cats climb the table. But not everyone shares this opinion. There is a designer who has developed a special table with tunnels and courses, in which cats can rest and gambol.

3. Relax zone — one sofa for everybody

How to create a pet house on the sofa is known by the Chinese designer Seungji Mun. After a long observation of his pet, he came up with the idea of creating several original models of sofas. One of them is equipped with a kennel, the roof of which serves simultaneously as a coffee table. Compact and functional piece.

Another sofa is equipped with a tunneled pipe. She also performs the option of armrests. Cats can hide in it, and the owners calmly rest on the sofa.

4. The versatile chair

The chair can be shared with pets like the sofa. And, most importantly, do not interfere with each other. The proof is the unique rocking chair created by the designer and architect Paul Kweton. He crafted furniture from birch plywood, using digital technology.

5. Shelving units for cats

It is known that cats like to jump and climb as high as possible. Original models of shelving units were developed especially for them. The design of the Moderncat studio demonstrates a shelving unit with an internal labyrinth for cats. It looks quite presentable and stylish.

The construction of this attribute named “Cat Library” by the Corentin Dombrecht is designed so that the cat rises upstairs without affecting the books. Belgian specialists came up with a special step ladder, which is almost imperceptible.

6. A cott

Open cotts can decorate the interior with their design.

And some of them are made with benefit. For example, a compact and refined cat puff from PetFusion was covered with special material so that cats could sharpen their claws.

7. A secluded place

Where else can you find a place for your pet? A secluded spot can be in the most unexpected places: under an armchair, in a suitcase, near a battery. The main thing is that the place for your pets should be warm and cozy!

P.S. You can also arrange a place for your pet with your own hands.

It is possible to make a cott for a cat by own hands and it will take a few hours. You don’t have to go to the store and buy expensive fabrics. If you open the wardrobe and reconsider all the old unnecessary clothes, you will certainly find a piece of material that is perfect for making a cat’s cott. It can be an old fur coat, a sweater, corduroy trousers, a knitted dress or even boots with the fur.

You also can create a cat crib hammock under any accent chair or coffee table; it will definitely attract attention of any pet.

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