Gold in Interior

Even if gold is not the most expensive metal but it was its brilliance and radiance that became a symbol of luxury. The texture and color of gold are often used in interior design — this is always beautiful and visually increases the cost of decoration. However using such decorative fixtures should be careful; otherwise, there is a risk of getting away from nobility to vulgarity.

The Gold Kingdom

Classic and Art Deco are these styles that require using of golden elements that create an atmosphere of wealth, luxury, and elegance more than others. Still, the main rule remains the same — moderation. Try to not blend noble metals (gold, silver), even in Art Deco with its striving to affectation and outrageous of The Great Gatsby.

Rubbed gold, brass, all shades of copper are great accents for modern Loft. The fashion on Industrial style in interior supposes using of metals of complex processing: rubbed lamps, interesting accessories, massive gold-plated mirrors, and golden metal or cast-iron pipes, even individual pieces of furniture fit.

Rustic and patinated gold is a traditional partner of Provence. Golden drapes, golden elements of wood furniture, aged golden frames, everything that features a vintage look is appreciated.

The gold will never truly go out of fashion because this is an incredibly versatile material. Gold and mirror is a winning classic combination that fits any interior. Golden chandeliers bring chic and luxury to the living rooms. The combination of gold with clear or matte glass is the last trend; it makes the objects look zephyrian.

The ethnic interior is another one traditional place that does not come without gold. In order to not turn such rooms into palace chambers there is being a gold of dark, dim, and muted shades, which plays the role of an antiquarian object. This can be a divider, an oriental lamp, wallpaper with a complex gold pattern, golden textiles etc.

Gold in Minimalism

Gold in ultra-modern space where it has become the main accent for the first time is an unexpected novelty of recent exhibitions. There are golden elements even in Scandinavian interiors despite avoiding it until now.

Gold as an art object

If you are a fan of modern art this is your hour of triumph. A massive golden object at the center of space is at the height of fashion. Sculptures covered with gold leaf, paintings, an impressive chandelier, gilded frames of complex shapes and even individual pieces of furniture breathe new life into any modern interior. The only condition is that the brilliant art object should become the absolute center of the composition.

Summarizing the above, remember the main rule in interior decoration with gold is moderation. Do not be too enthusiastic and do not overdo. Otherwise, your living space will look like a museum, at the worst — on its unsuccessful parody.

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