Perfect Living Room: 5 Essential Points

Living room is any home’s heart: guests are often accepted there, and evenings with family are also spent in living room. Obviously, the furniture for the living room should be selected carefully, taking into consideration the basic functions of the room, the owner’s preference, as well as the size and quality of each piece of furniture. For building cozy, comfortable, stylish and functional living room, use the following tips:

Define which furniture should be there.

Before shopping, it is important to decide, what the room is intended for. Most of the times you will spend evenings with friends and family while watching TV, talking, celebrating or having parties in the living room. Perhaps, your living room will additionally perform the function of a dining room or a guest bedroom. Though the particular set of required furniture in all these cases is different, there are items that must be present in any living room:

  • Sofa, which — if possible — can be combined with chairs, armchairs, ottomans, etc.
  • Modular furniture. This includes Wall and Shelving Units for storing items and decoration elements
  • TV Stand, if TV is not on the wall
  • Coffee/Side table/End table

1. Sofa

When choosing living room furniture, it is important to consider two parameters: the number of required seats and lounge dimensions. Ideally, you need to consider how many people can stay in the room and how much space is required for them; will there be family members or guests who often come by. Sofa carries the main placement function, but if necessary, additional seating should be provided.

Sofa is an essential attribute of any living room. If the space is enough, capacious sofa with a set of chairs would be a great choice, but what should the owners of compact apartments do? For smaller living rooms, manufacturers have developed a number of interesting solutions. Take closer look at a loveseat or sectional sofa: it still carries the placement function, but is compact and would fit most living rooms. However, it is worth noting that putting the sofa to the short wall is not recommended in order to avoid making the room visually smaller.

2. Chairs

Chairs are the items that should fit perfectly into the style of the room, being at the same time extremely functional and comfortable.

When choosing a chair, the first parameter to look at is the height: the optimum height is 16 inch. Besides, living room chairs should be soft so sitting on them is comfortable and not too deep so the rise does not cause undue hardship.

3. Wall Unit

A few decades ago, Wall Unit was a must-have item of every living room; this furniture was cumbersome, heavy and took up too much space. Today you can find stylish and low-end Wall Units of any size with any set of elements. Such piece will become not just a place to keep things, but also a nice decoration of the whole interior.

4. TV Stand

Today none of living rooms go without a TV, and in some cases it comes with speakers, players, or home theater. All of the equipment should be conveniently located, and TV Stand is a great solution.

Choosing a stand, it is important to match it with the size of TV. Casters are also a convenient addition, as long as TV can be moved or rotated for the most comfortable viewing. Depending on the style, TV stand can have a completely different appearance, or be crafted from different materials. In any case, if you need something to keep under the TV, it is better to choose a stand with shelves or drawers.

5. Coffee Table

The purpose of coffee table in the living room does not need an explanation. A variety of this type of furniture may confuse even an experienced designer, since the coffee table now takes on the role of an interesting accent. In any case, its style should harmonize with the rest of the objects in the room, but its shape and material can be of any type.

Selection of furniture for living room is an interesting and creative process. It is important to consider opinion of all members of family; at first glance it is an overwhelming task. But, it is possible to do it on your own, while our advices will slightly simplify your future work.

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