Provence Style in Interior: What Supposes and How to Create

Interior design in Prоvence style has the spirit of simpliсity and comfort. Mediterranean Sea, France, Provence … The French word “Provence” has roots in “province”, which can easily be observed in this fascinating style.

Provence is a region in the south of France that is famous for its magnificent sceneries, food with smelling spices, incredibly blue sea and bright sun. Provence style is based on exactly these components. Its colors with interspersing of bright shades create coziness and cheer up. So, what are the Provence style features?

Distinctive features of the Provence interior:

• Pastel colors

• Very lightweight, almost weightless drapes

• Elegant light, often white furniture

• Light floors

• Fresh flowers

• Flower Patterns

• Ruche, Richelieu, sewing

• A lot of ornamentals made of porcelain, ceramics, and cloth

Walls and floors

The walls are often painted; paper wallpapers are used rarely. It is important that the room space is illuminated by light sufficiently; natural lighting is also an important element of each room. The house in Provence style is always filled with bright sunlight, which causes a rough whitewash of its walls and, at first glance, old paints that have burnt out.


Furniture in Provence interior supposes not just functional but at the same time a decorative role. It’s necessary that the furniture is old or rustic, certainly painted. The furniture should look like it has faithfully served to many generations. Such furniture as chairs with carved, peeling legs, chests of milk shades and cupboards for dishes. Iconic Provence furniture is made of light tones from a natural oak, a chestnut, a nut.

Painted fronts should look slightly “rustic”. The surfaces of the tree are artificially aged for reliability, imitating rubbing, chips, and traces of wormholes. Old and antique things that are aged from tens to hundreds of years are very much appreciated. The old chest with almost completely worn out trimmings, looking inherited, is always placed at the most honorable place in the house. Furniture with rubs and a touch of antiquity is almost a family heirloom.

The color palette

The tone of the colors is vibrant and deep, but not very bright: for Provence style, it’s better to select restrained muted shades. Traditionally, faded, pastel colors are used: white, milky, beige, olive, lavender, sea waves, ocher, sunflower, terracotta compose a typical color palette.

The interior in this style should characterize the blossom meadows of Provence. Marine touches must necessarily be reflected in Provence interior. The use of all shades and tones of blue color, various knick-knackeries like seashells, seabirds, and fishing nets are welcomed as well. The most saturated sea theme should be presented in the bathrooms.


Decorate the house with all sorts of herbs and flowers, as well as flower paintings and drawings. The attitude to such flowers as roses, alfalfa, and lavender in Provence is special. Many streets and squares in the cities are named after flowers and grasses.

Virtually no ceramic or textile item is produced without a flower pattern. In addition, the constant presence of fresh flowers and houseplants is very important in the room.

Textiles with natural and animal ornaments and embroidery are actively used for decorating the interior. Many forged elements are used in the décor, which is often performed in white or black colors. Forging must be not massive, but pretentious, refined, practically weightless.

A headboard can be forged, clothes hangers, flower pots and photo frames. A special color scheme will be reached by using the forged lamps and lighting in common. The highlighted element of the kitchen can become a pottery.


Forged items:

Flower Patterns:

There is an opinion that Provence has been created by years and generations, its details and features accumulate over time. It sounds like a good reason to try creating something similar in your apartment. After all, the Provence style is not just an interior: Provence is a lifestyle.