Simple tricks for stylish interior


Are you ready to make changes in your home interior to make it more stylish, memorable and cozier? Just add some new details, adorn your living space, bedroom and dining room with decorative accents, and bring new fresh and bright colors to breathe a new life into your indoor space. You don’t need to spend lots of money to make your place beautiful and comfortable. It is a simple and quick update, which is suitable for any budget.

A large natural plant in a planter is a good décor solution for an empty corner in your living room or home office. Plants in big designer planters are a good way to bring natural colors and make your living space fresh and beautiful. Naturally elegant, some plants are also serve as functional elements of your home.

A stack of books or magazines is another fine way to accent your living space or bedroom. Use books displayed on wall mounted shelves, or decorate your nightstand or coffee table with a combination of books and accessories, such as vases, flowers, candles and statuettes to create homey and inviting vibe.

If you found your traditional styled interior quite boring, just add some pieces of furniture in contemporary style to create a visual contrast and add some dynamic look as well. For example, home office with traditional desk will look amazing with a modern chair, or classic inspired living room would get a new updated look with some modern coffee tables or accent chairs.

The blending of styles and genres works well in any indoor space from living room to bedroom. Erase the strict limits of style and start experimenting by mixing modern, traditional and Mid-Century.

Add some vibrant colors to your neutral colored interior by hanging some bright pieces of wall art, such as paintings, prints and framed photographs. Combine light toned walls with colorful art or accent your upholstered furniture with bright and cozy throw pillows. A contrast of color palettes will make your home décor more interesting and eye-catching.

Choose the right accessories for your home interior. Release your design ideas, combine different styles, and don’t be afraid of non-standard solutions.

Use plaids and throws as both practical and accenting elements in your bedroom and living room.

Furniture and accessories designed in black and white color palette will never go out of fashion. Black and white furniture works great in any type of space, whether it is modern, traditional or rustic.

The use of various ethnic accessories is a perfect décor solution, if you like travels and different cultures. Create a visual contrast by adding Moroccan notes, or accent your space with Eastern Asian art, choose textiles with ethnic patterns etc.

Add more individuality to your home décor, accent rooms with your favorite accessories, trust your inner designer vision and make your home/apartment cozy and beautiful.

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