The Heart Of the Home

Your way of life is the main thing on what your home should be built on. The focal space of every home is the living room. Arrange a great party or just relax lying on a sofa with book — it all depends on you, your mood and desires.

Living room is the place where you really have a rest while sitting and talking with close people and watching lovely TV programs. Design, colors, decoration, materials… this room exist according to your rules. Always fashionable and versatile will be the classic style in the design of the living room. This is a bright color scheme, solid wood furniture, textiles and finishing with brass or bronze.


The living room is a place where balance and harmony reign. Its interior should be connected with the rest of the premises, complementing the individuality of the entire residential area. This room, in the interior of which you can show the wildest imaginations and implement bold ideas.

Comfortableness is the major attribute in choosing upholstered furniture. Sofa should be soft, cozy and functional. But don’t forget about other characteristics like dimensions of your room, interior style and fashion trends. To create a living room as comfortable as possible for communicating with friends and family, group the furniture accordingly, sofas and armchairs should stand opposite each other. And the arrangement of furniture should be such that movement around the room does not interfere with communication in the recreation area.


Wall units

Nowadays manufacturers give us the opportunity to choose from great variety of wall units. Give preference to simplicity and functionality while choosing a best one suitable for you and your home. A good wall unit provides storage space for your media belongings and completes your home design simultaneously.

Wall Unit by Mod-manhattan

Coffee Tables

Modern style involves an abundance of plastic and glass. Right selected coffee or cocktail table will add practicality and unique accents to your interior. Give chance to your imagination! Wooden, metal, or with glass or plastic elements… modern or classic… you’ll love them all. Not always a coffee table can be so large that everyone who sits around it on the couch and in armchairs can use it.