Versatile Shades of Gray

Gray will create a modern and refined ambiance regardless of where you use it: in furniture, walls and windows decoration, decorative elements or flooring. There is something so magic and mysterious in gray; it has many different shades that convey different moods.

Add novelty and charm

Gray always looks modern and stylish because it is formal. The color remains calm, restrained and often uses in Contemporary design. Sometimes gray features a pronounced industrial direction, which depends on its shade and texture.

Gray leather or upholstery doubtless is a great choice for modern upholstered furniture. Chairs, benches, and sofas are perfect solutions to create an interesting accent. A lighter shade of gray creates a soft and even romantic effect; combined with a metal frame covered with chrome it creates sophisticated, elegant furniture that demonstrates a stunning modern look due to its simplicity.

Gray in the male interior

Depending on what shade of gray you use, the furnishings can acquire a strong male or female touch. For this reason, gray can perform an option of unifying color.

You can easily move from one shade of gray to another, not being afraid to create a non-harmonious composition. It will help you to make shading-off between seemingly opposite colors, as well as overcome the breaking between black and white, softening the furnishings and making it less contrast.

Gray color will perfectly fit the furnishings of the male bedroom upon the condition of usage various shades or tones of it. A snow-white color will look pretty impressive next to it, while black strokes can be used to complete the whole composition.

For instance, a bed with simple modern lines is a good base for a stylish and cozy bedroom. Using of black for finishing the bed, white and various shades of gray in bedding has a great potential for creating a male bedroom interior.

Use gray color as the basis for the décor

As mentioned above, gray is the unifying color, which makes it a good starting platform for other colors, because it demonstrates how good they look on its background, no matter where you will use it: on walls, on the floor or on furniture.

Gray is not just a mix of black and white colors; it can reflect a variety of shades. And while other neutral and calm colors, such as beige, can also be unifying, they cannot compare to gray in their effects. Gray can have a pinkish, bluish, greenish, or even yellowish tinge.

You may use the gray color next to another one that is close to you, and which you prefer to use in finishing your house.

The most outstanding feature of gray color is that it can easily be used in different styles; it is suitable for everything from romantic Art Deco to Minimalism. If you are enough of gray or other neutral shades, then use them only to emphasize the colors you like.