Wall Units

Lumio Wall Unit (Composition 2) by Mod Manhattan

Wall Units fit perfectly into the interior and at the same time keep in order the space of the living room. After all, everyone furnishing their apartments strives to organize comfortable and favorable conditions for their residence.

Some prefer that the house had several bedrooms in different styles, while others, on the contrary, try to create a minimalistic and neutral interior.

You should select furniture and decorative fixtures very careful, taking into consideration all the details.

Furnishing of living room with wall units in contemporary styles is relevant for such styles as modern, high-tech and minimalism.

It is important to deliberate the right combination of modern wall unit in the living room with already existing interior and do everything according to the canons of modern design solutions.

Living room in classic style, for example, requires that the decoration of furniture was in formal style according to the canons of the classics.

It is possible to purchase a wall unit in bright colors in Art Nouveau style that the design in combination with the fashionable color will no longer look shocking but on the contrary harmoniously fit into a modern interior.

Principles of selection

The wall should not only look great but also be functional. It must give an opportunity to store all things and keep them in order.

Tokyo Wall Unit by Mod Manhattan

Important! Before buying a wall unit you should take into account all the details, as long as the product destination is exactly accommodating all the things in it, keeping apartment cozy and clean.

Lavia Wall Unit by Mod Manhattan

Currently, modern wall units accommodate not just cabinets but TV Stands and record players, which make the piece of furniture even more useful. The wall needs to be selected so that there is no need to buy additional furniture.

Lavia Wall Unit (Composition 3) by Mod Manhattan


Materials are very diverse: natural wood, veneer, chipboard, MDF and many others.

Buying a wall unit you should primarily pay attention to the material. Products from natural wood species like oak, pine, and birch will look fabulous. They are the most expensive, but high-quality and durable.

It is worth noting that such materials give solidity to the interior but can make it cumbersome, especially if you prefer dark furniture.

Lumio Wall Unit (Composition 1) by Mod Manhattan

The wall units made of MDF and chipboard are not so expensive but they also look stylish and modern.


Wall units are spacious and practical, at the same time they are the main element in creating a living room interior. Due to their varied design, they can harmoniously fit into the living room of any style and modern styles are no exception.

Today’s furniture market represents different sets from massive modular systems to lightweight alternatives that do not occupy much space, which look both modern and stylish.

City Wall Unit

Modular furniture systems have become so widespread due to the fact that they are incredibly practical and at the same time quite voluminous. They can accommodate not only clothes but a plenty of other small things also.

Lumio Wall Unit

You also can realize your fantasies and create a non-standard wall unit by individual order. Of course, it will not be cheap but the result is worth it. It all depends on your financial capabilities.

Wall Units in small living rooms

The modular wall is just indispensable for small areas since it is practical, easy to move and performs several options at once. It will save space because you can vary the size and color of the lockers for the size of the room.

As already mentioned above, modern wall units come in different sizes and also are made of different materials: cheaper and more expensive. Based on average market prices and on your own preferences, you can find the best solution for your financial capabilities.