This sort of cognitive dissonance is the result of people trying to fit their regressive and…
Christopher S. Freeman

Ah yes, THAT old chestnut… the Desrving asnd Undeserving poor. I, for one, am grateful for this article as it clears up for me how so many people (bless their hearts) claim to be Christian but seem to be anything but. Ive been puzzled about this disconnect for the past 35 years as it has grown and grown and, now, become set in stone. Why didn’t these ‘Christians’ just clearly say right off the bat that they were going to shun and oppress the poor and sick? If they had just said so we all could have clearly understood what we were dealing with. Instead, for decades, we’ve had to listen to them say one thing and do its opposite. Crazy-making….

I now believe these shunning/merciless ‘Christians’ chose to be indirect/shady about their religious/socio-econmic beliefs because deep down they KNOW they are wrong. They know the difference between right and wrong. They know what Jesus taught. Jesus taught LOVE and these ‘Christians’ are instead choosing Fear/Hatred. The easy proof of my argument can be found in the exquisitely intricate, convoluted, often Biblically-based, rationalizations they peddle to themselves and us. Well, finally, I say, “No Sale!”