3 types of Casual Tees which every Men and Women should have this year

Jay Singh
Jay Singh
Sep 19, 2016 · 4 min read

Most of us are well equipped with clothing that needs to be worn on traditional occasions or to traditional functions. However, we fall short of clothes when we need to go to a low key, a rather casual outing. We have a pair of jeans ready to hop into but most of us keep wondering for the right upper wear. So, here are three types of shirts each which are suitable for men and women.

For Men :
For men, getting ready is an easy affair and takes only a couple of minutes. And to make this even quicker, all a man needs to do is dress smartly by resorting to any of these three T shirts. These t-shirts also provide utmost comfort and should definitely make it to your wardrobe this season.

  • Round Neck T — Shirt
    It is one of the most basic tees for men & women available online in India. The fabrics generally used to make these shirts are of pure cotton, hosiery etc. As the name suggests these t-shirts have a round neckline and may feature a quarter, short or full length sleeves. These are available in solid colors as well as stripped designs.
Men’s Round Neck TShirts
  • Tank Top
    These T-shirts are sleeveless and perfect to be worn with semi-formal shirts. It is preferable that you buy a tank top made of cotton fabric, which keeps you cool in summers and warm in winters. These are generally available in solid colors.
Tank Tops for Men
  • V Neck Shirts
    The V-neck Shirts are similar to the simple round neck shirts except for the neckline. Like the former, these too are made of different fabric and are available in a range of colors.
Men’s V Neck T Shirts

For Women :
It is often quoted that ‘It takes a lady forever to get ready’. However, if a girl has these three T-shirts in her wardrobe, she can break-through this saying and get ready in the blink of an eye and even beat the guys at it.

  • Crop Top
    Crop tops should make to your wardrobes this season. Besides being a part of the trending fashion style, these T shirts are great to flaunt your waist line and belly button. These are available in different designs and colors.
Crop Tops for Girls
  • Tank Tops
    The tank tops are sleeveless tops that can be comfortably worn on a casual outing with friends and family. Unlike the tank tops for men, these feature a feminine silhouette to compliment the female body contour. These can be easily teamed with a pair of rugged jeans or denim pants. One can wear these in winters as an inside shirt with cardigans, jackets and blazers.
Tank Tops for Women
  • Graphic Tees Online India
    The Graphic T shirts are another kind, which you should add to your wardrobe. These can have a round or V neckline and sleeve of variable length. The distinct feature of this shirt is the graphic in the front or back or both the sides of the T-shirts. These are a major style statement and can be worn with a pair of jeans or skirt or capris.

There are several online stores where one can find these basic tees for men & women online in India. The size is mentioned along with the product. There are websites that give you the option to customize the T-shirt graphic as per your taste.

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