Bootcamp Day 1

I’ve never been good at expressing myself but i’ll do my best to give you a detailed version of my day in the shortest way possible.

Ever had one of those days you when you woke up so psyched and everything went completely wrong? I stay in Rongai, Nairobi (i think anyone who resides around Nairobi already knows where I’m heading by now). So I woke up at 6am in the morning. I’m fast at preparing so by 6:40 I was already at the bus stage. I ended up reaching town at 9.20 having spent around 600 for fare(these boda guyz can be annoying). Bummer!! I know. Thankfully I got to Andela before the study sessions began but i missed the games session so i could say I was pretty tensed by the time class started.

I caught up well. A class on Test Driven Development got me out of my comfort zone and we got to practice on it. I’m pretty familiar with it now thanks to my team mates and the Andela fellows. Virtual environment class was next and the output was low but we all plan to work on it. Programming logic got everyone’s brains cracking. It was lunch time soon, i admit i needed the break. The afternoon was pretty calm with a few lessons on Growth mindset.

Now it’s 7:30 in the evening and I’m still here trying to finish a few codes given to us by the facilitators. I’ve missed being kept on my toes… I kinda work better under pressure. It’s going to be an amazing and crazy experience these next few days. In just a few hours I feel far more confident than I was before. I’m ready…

Also… this place is awesome!!!

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