One week until our adventure begins.

It’s a surreal feeling knowing that in just 7 days we board our first of fourteen flights on a 5 month around the world travel. We are a family of 4 (myself, Tam my wife and 2 kids aged 9 & 6) who have been living in the beautiful town of Noosa, Australia for the past 6 years. Tam and I are originally from South Africa, we then lived in London for 10 years before relocating to Australia as a family. We have truly loved our time in this community and have made friends for life and that’s the common denominator whenever we’ve moved on from a place, it’s the people you miss.

The saying rings true, it’s the people that make the place.

I’m having a go at this “medium” in order to document, express, reveal and open up dialogue about what we are experiencing and learning as we set out on our adventure. Hopefully it inspires and provokes thought.

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