I am scared. And so should be you.

What if you had no food around you? No restaurants, no ingredients, no fruits, no veggies, no meat. Even worse, you have these in front of you, but can’t afford it. There are 795 million people who experience it, globally. There are more people dying of hunger than AIDS or other lifestyle diseases.

I tried exploring about why and how is hunger killing us. I personally know some of the most brilliant minds making agriculture and food manufacturing more efficient. But, the more I meet and read, the more I realize it’s a vicious circle, in which you can not beat hunger, you can just marginally tame it (at best, no offence), unless you disrupt food itself. Here is why: It’s a complicated pyramid. Manufacturing of food, distribution of food (minimizing wastage) and ability to afford it (inflation). If any of these 3 problems are not solved, hunger can never be eradicated. I am not sure if I am intellectually or financially capable to solve the inflation or poverty problem. But, I think I can solve the other 2. There has to be a more efficient way to increase shelflife of food and make it accessible.

Why should there be wastage? A hungry soul doesn’t need your exotic food, its a matter of life and death, it’s a utilitarian solution he needs, not the tastiest one or the freshest one, but something that fills him/ her up, is safe and nutritious, is accessible to him/ her and affordable. I am not talking about fancy food, just simple food that will fill someone’s stomach at night. Can we imagine a world free of hunger? Is it possible? We think we can and we will try to shape this idea. :)

Only time will tell if we succeed. But, I will try.

P.S. It makes me shiver thinking about it, by the time you have read till here, a person died by hunger in our world. Be scared. #ReimagineFood