Why Illness Memoirs Are So Important to Chronically Sick People
Shoshana Akabas


I am now 63 years old, but my first Lyme symptoms date to when I was in my 20’s. After completing medical school and residency in the 80’s, I practiced Emergency & urgent care medicine for 10 years, until I was disabled by “depression” in 1993. A fellow MD-girlfriend of mine finally diagnosed me with the Lyme disease we had all overlooked; because she had it, and had done extensive reading about it. I had a positive western blot test from IgGenix here on the West coast, but all my docs in Oregon believed that there was no Lyme on the West coast. I had to see Lyme specialists in Northern CA. I required treatment for 10 years, including 7 months of picc line daily IV Rocephin. Much of that was paid out of pocket since Insurance did not approve of long term Lyme treatments due to the Infectious Disease guidelines. PLEASE read the literature and do not settle for short course treatments!! After those 10 years, I am now active, hale, and energetic. I have only mild residual cognitive dysfunctions. Insist on further care, recommendations, and treatments until you FEEL well. “Post-Lyme Syndrome” is mostly under-treated persistent Lyme infection. Good luck.