How To Select The Best Nail Color For Your Skin Tone?

A wrong gel nail polish shade can make your hands look unattractive and aged. You must be very careful while choosing the nail polish color and a fair amount of research helps you identify the perfect shade for your nails. Here are some important tips on how to select the best nail color for your skin tone:

1) Best shades for dark skin tone

If you have a beautiful dark skin tone, you can select any rich and dark shade. Dark brown is not a good option because it merges with your dark skin complexion. At the same time; dark red, burgundy and dark green can be chosen for people with dark skin. You can also pick pink or bright orange nail enamels as they go well with your dusky skin. If you want to enhance the glamour quotient in you, you can choose dark shades and the bright shades make you look trendy and stylish. The colors that should be avoided include light pastel shades, silver, neon and white colors.

2) Best shades for wheatish skin

Women, who are blessed with wheatish skin tone, can use almost any shades available. These women can carry off every color with absolute ease. Vibrant and bright colors like blue, orange, yellow, pink and blue enhance their appearance. If you want to improve the neutrality of your wheatish skin, you can also choose metallic shellac colors such as silver and gold. Colors to be avoided include dark red, navy blue and dark purple and you can also avoid bronze colors.

3) Best shades for fair skin tone

Fair skin tone can be described as a gift from God. Quite similarly like women with wheatish complexion, women with fair skin can easily carry off any CND shellac color. The most suitable shades that compliment the fair skin tone are shades of medium red, light purple and pink. If you have fair skin, you must discard shades of orange, blue, green and black.

4) Best shades for pale skin

If you have a pale complexion, you can select all types of lighter shades. Pastel colors are an excellent option for pale skin tone. Applying light pastel shades offers a sophisticated and classy look and when you want to achieve a glamorous look, you can apply shades of purple and red. If you are a pale skinned woman, you must not use dark colors such as maroon and black and, shades of green and yellow.

Different nail colors create a unique and distinct impact on every skin tone. If you wear the most suitable nail polish that goes well with your skin tone, the appearance and beauty of your hands improves considerably and it also enhances your overall appearance in the best manner. Trusted online stores offer a wide range of products including IBD Just Gel Polish to offer customers the best value for their money and they also strive hard to make their products extremely cost effective.

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