Going With the Flow
Philly Organizing

I will probably vote for Jill Stein since California is not a crucial state. If I lived in Ohio I would vote Hillary. However, I do not think it is a wise for the Democracy Spring organization to give anything other than their personal dicision and opinions. They do have a right and an obligation to encourage an open discussion of the options. And they must respect everyones choice. This is the most important election I have experienced in my almost 60 years in politics. All life on earth is ultimately at stake. I personally do not think they will let Jill win, they certainly did not let Bernie win, with all his 12 Million votes. And I feel the power struggle going on between both Oligarchs Trump and Clinton is playing out and we will have to deal with it. I personally feel that the climate issue is so vital that we will have a better chance to push Hillary in the right direction for the planet than Trump. to go forward with climate action, the all important issue for me. I respect your vote and I hope you will respect mine. We have yet to see which will be the wisest choice. Of course, we really do not have a real choice. But Trump would put off dealing with the climate for 4 years and that is an insane risk which I do not wish to take. Perhaps instead of bickering we should be organizing ways to counter the fallout and consequences from who ever they let win.

You asked for my bio: I was arrested at the Democracy Spring Sit in last April, and have a very long history of protest. We must work out our differences, and not fight among ourselves. Discuss yes, demand no. I like consensus when ever a big decision like an endorsement is made. They, the Oligarchs count on us breaking up and deminishing our strength over the ego struggles that get built up in inner circles. We need to guard against that if we expect to accomplish anything of importance. Most respectfully Aunt Bev

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