#Vanlife, Freedom, and the False Promise of Simplicity
Emily Marcacci

Your headline had me nodding and chuckling in agreement! After a year and half in skoolie, I understand. Simple is NOT the word to describe it. Want a shower? Better find one, first. Want to put on the kettle? Get out the camp stove. What, the little propane cannister is empty? Go up on the roof and bring down the 20-pounder (actually very heavy). Want to work on a project, like fix the water pump? Okay, dig out the tools and parts from the bin under the couch. Now, put it all somewhere else temporarily so we can eat dinner at the table. (There is no garage, office, craft room, or spare room for this. Pretty soon, all the available surfaces, like seats, are filled with works-in-progress).

And I love it. Weather too cold? Drive south. Want to go on a road trip to Burning Man? Take a bunch of your friends and your house with you. Want to volunteer in some remote area? Go. Want to see a different view out your back door every morning? Open the door.

We are in agreement. Freedom and simplicity are not a package deal.