Remembering How to Walk

January 24th 2017 by Beverly Holoka for 50Legs

I had the pleasure of speaking to one of our 50Legs family members, Naudy. Naudy is an amazing person whose amputation is a rarity. He has had an amputation above the knee- taking his whole leg from him. There is a 10% chance in the USA of having a full leg amputation. It is extremely uncommon and what’s more uncommon is that in the USA a cancer amputation is 1% of all amputations per year according to the Amputation Coalition website. Naudy told me he had an Osteosarcoma…

19 Janurary,2017 by Beverly Holoka for 50Legs

I spoke with Franklin, recently to find out his story and hear what he thinks of 50Legs. Franklin’s story started several years ago when he was still living in his native home of Jamaica. He was a married construction worker with two children at the time who loved to ride his motorcycle when it was nice out. One afternoon, Franklin got off early and he forgot his helmet in his Boss’s car, but rode home anyway. On his way home a truck, going 70 MPH, came out of the line of traffic and…

Everyone is looking for that perfect advice to help them shed some extra pounds or help their bad cholesterol go down on their next blood test. With the internet filled up with fitness gurus, lifestyle bloggers and nutritionists spouting their ideals it can get a little overwhelming and messy. This list is meant to help you find that advice you are looking for an tell you about some amazing health gurus you never knew about. Here are the top 5 Fitness and Health Gurus for 2018.

1. Fitness Bender

Fitness Bender is a husband and wife team, Daniel and Kelli…

Tiny toys that are like their big counter parts and actually work! Who would want that? A smaller person perhaps or someone who just thought it was funny to collect small items? Well either way I’m not too sure, but it is impressive the toys that are available in mini size and how they actually work just like their big sized versions.

Super Impulse actually makes these tiny toys, you can go and buy them right now. They have also been kid approved as they sent free toys to certain kids around the globe to see if the tiny toys…

Rum Facts You Never Knew

This was written for a client. However, the site has since been sold and I can post this article. Thought it might be interesting for anyone who likes Rum.

Rum is a drink that is usually thought of as a Pirate drink, the Royal Navy drink and of course the drink of the Caribbean. It has also been described a spiritual drink by Lord Byron, ““There’s naught no doubt so much the spirit calms as rum and true religion.” However, you may know it as the drink that is popular to mix with Coke (the…

I should tell you I had written this story when it first broke, but the sports website I was writing for at the time refused to use it. Stating that men wouldn’t want to read about such a subject and it “makes men look bad”. That the advertisers would pull their advertisements from their sports site if it were published and a whole host of other ifs and concerns.

I thought long and hard before publishing this to Medium. Before sharing this with the World. The truth is I no longer work for that publication which I am grateful gave…

In your eyes I saw my life
Golden to chocolate brown
You have shown me a life;
A life filled with such love

A cottage of our own making
covered with purple flowers
Cobble stone pathway, door
a door-way open for our kids

They play in the front fields
Dinner is cooking in our house
and we are meant to be here,
Here were are meant to love.

I must admit, as I’m starting to jot these words down, I feel a little silly for writing this type of article. Not in an uncomfortable way, but in a way where I figure that all men should realize that there are plenty of great words to describe those of the female gender without demeaning us.

Yet, I know, there are bunches of men out there that do not realize that calling a woman a female is degrading and utterly wrong. Let me start at what sparked this to be written down…

Robin Thicke as a music artist has effects on U.S. culture and society. His songs are controversial and his recent hit a few years ago that caused college campuses across the world to ban it was called, “ Blurred Lines.” Were the lines really blurred on Robin Thicke? Did people blur him out of popularity or did they have a valid point that his blurred lines were way too blurry?

One media theory may explain the phenomena that made Robin Thicke’s hit song a slip song. That theory is framing. The framing theory states that media frames a certain event…

We know jokes tend to touch on sensitive issues, but there should be some jokes that are off limits. Of course, it’s hard when we grew up with “dead baby” joke books being spouted to us from our male peers from middle school on. Those jokes aren’t funny either, I should mention. Now you might think I’m being “triggered” or that this is a subject that doesn’t relate to you. You know that dead babies and rape jokes aren’t funny or are horrible things that actually happen to people, but you would never harm a child or rape a woman…

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