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In general, Christians and Christian leaders, as well as people of other faiths, see the good in Donald Trump, the change in him as he learned about the true plight of Americans, and we are dissappointed in his playboy words of 11 years ago or even 2 years ago, if any, because he is not the same man who started on his journey into the political life. We are a forgiving nation, and can forgive transgressions. He has been humbled and has apologized for his behavior, and we supporters have watched the liberal side attack him for 2 years with everything one can throw at him, but the bad boy has a lot of good in him and will stick by him at the voting boxes. Hillary Clinton has spent 40 years in life working for the greed and power hunger she covets, and she should never be president of the U. S. She says all the right words, makes the right promises for her special interests and lobbyists, and she will continue Obama’s work that is crippling our economy and our military. Donald Trump will sincerely work hard to accomplish what he can legally “for the people”, and perhaps if he does a good job for Americans, he will redeem some of his past life.

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