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It is NOT A REQUIREMENT of government that the president release his tax return records. Democrats got a copy of one from 1996 by a spy stealing the form. Trump turned in a multi paged Financial Statement that listed all properties, and assets that the man has. The ONLY reason the Democrats want to see the returns is in hopes of seeing a connection to Russia. Trump and his connections have been investigated for two years, and nothing they find has shown a need to bring anything further. Liberal Democrats, not regular Democrats, but Liberals don’t care about the truth, they are just continuing to be angry about an election. I don’t think it is because Hillary lost either, I think it’s that DEMOCRAT party lost, and they are going hysterical. It’s only for probably 4 years, folks, so relax and see how it goes, but don’t continue to cheat by causing riots and misleading comments and media use.

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