5 Mistakes to Avoid when you Design E-commerce Website

E-commerce statistics

Online shopping is a multi-billion industry and is expected to grow 20% in next 3 years. There are so many online shopping websites, that have made a significant impact on the online shopping industry, and now even small time business owners are also coming online to make their presence felt.

Even the top eCommerce companies are constantly revising their strategies–to build a better website in order to give users a better experience.

If you've decided to start a new eCommerce website, here are some mistakes you should avoid.

#1 Enter Site:
Do not waste your home page for visitors to click on an icon to enter website, instead, show popular products on the home page along with the best offers and discounts that will lure customers to browse through pages.

#2 Audio:
Just don’t do it! Simple as that. No one really likes to enjoy shopping with irritating background music. It may work well for a business website–like a massage center or salon but not for eCommerce. The best website that does use audios requires the visitor to play it.

#3 Too much flash:
Flash is good to show the visitor, what good offers are available on the website. But you don’t want the visitor to see flash of 100 pages. 3–4 flash pages are good enough.

#4 Not Mobile Friendly:
Mobile devices now account for more than 50% of traffic on the eCommerce website. To be precise, 40.3% mobile phones and 10% from tablets. So, it’s a must to have a mobile friendly website, because your website should give a user good experience if he’s searching a product from his mobile device and make it easier to pay as well.

#5 Too much loading time:
This is a bummer, and you don’t want people to wait all day just so that the whole page can load with images. Try to reduce the loading time by keeping the image size low as possible without compromising on the quality of the image.