6 Reasons Of Why Call Centers Are Flourishing In India

How Call Centers Are Different from BPOs?

As the name connotes, a Call Center is a workplace from where customer care services are channelized through calling. It is customer-centric and calling-specific work. Customer support programs are handled by receiving complaints and calling the customers.

BPOs are not contrary to Call Centers but they are the advanced process based organizations. Voice process is one of its various processes that are carried out here. Can you think what’s the reason for their rising? Let I reveal some facts that will clear the picture of their foundation. It’s true that alone a company can’t be the master of all skills. For example, a steel manufacturing company produces 100 units per day but now it wants to double its production for increasing profit margin. But before that, it has to observe the market, demand and its competitors. Is it possible that it can do it by own? For sure, this kind of market research will require more expenses incurred on recruiting its team and then, to carry on its activities. But meanwhile, the time will fly. Doesn’t it trace the picture of time as well as money wastage? And what if after putting efforts, the company will earn nothing. Won’t it be like jack of all but master of none? This is the loophole where the need of outsourcing business incepted. Almost all BPOs are doing great job of outsourcing because they hire professionals with expertise. They keep with them the absolute answer to the process requirements. So, adhering to them is proving as inviting gold rush.

Reasons for the growth of Call Centers in India:

1. Countless proficient English speakers in India: Good command over English depends on learning as well as educating the workforce. The voice-processes of Infosys, Wipro and HCL etc. have been preparing an army of proficient work force.

2. Acquiring accent of western countries: India is getting adaptive to the foreign accent. Imitation of western accent makes them accustomed to western culture which marks an edge to the quality of the workforce. The best call center services in India take advantage of this exceptional trait to render customer support.

3. Low salary workers: India did not stay untouched from recession. The impact was seen in the low salary packages and shredding in the figure of voice-process employees. As compare to developed nations, like the US and UK, call centers keep their employees happy by promoting them by post as well as by salary. But the fair comparison with the western countries’ salary package reveals that it’s very low. So, fat-profit earning companies breed here by leaps and bounds.

4. High quality telecommunication: As far as technology is concerned, India’s call centers are fine-tuned. Their infrastructure is secured by IT. So, telecommunication is leveled with the advanced technology which is prevalent in the world.

5. Large pool of talent: Sophistication, education and altered lifestyle has stimulated a large pool of talent in the face of call center employees. They are multi-lingual and can create highly sophisticated ecosystem of work.

6. Rationalising workforce: Using intelligence and experts’ advice, the best call centers in India rationalize their workforce time to time. They jig and then rejig the workforce after evaluating their quality in voice-processes.

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