How my girlfriend is overcoming social anxiety and building self esteem by lettering. Day 1

Over the weekend she celebrated her 29th birthday and as a gift I took her to an art store and had her pick out whatever she wanted within a $40 budget (it was all I could afford at the time) and she decided on some paint markers and ___writing tool. She has expressed her interest in learning how to letter and in high school found a love for calligraphy. But like many Asian households, she was brought up with the belief that you could never make a living with art, let alone calligraphy.

Lately she has found herself stuck and. borderline depressed about her future, especially career as she battles her internal demon — resistance.

In the past day after some convincing, I suggested she use her new art tools to make me something ugly. I figured resistance wouldn’t block something ugly for what’s ugly going to have her lose, the idea of not being good enough? That’s already planted.

Anyhow, i had her send me a video to show me her ugliest lettering. Here’s what I got on day 1:

And here’s to my most ugly writing publish! Resistance I will beat you!