Where in the world is Daenerys Stormborn?

Our favorite dragons, Daenerys Targaryen and Drogon.

[Spoilers for HBO’S Game of Thrones through Season 5, Episode 9.]

In anticipation of Sunday’s Game of Thrones Season 5 finale, where do we think our beloved Mother of Dragons has wound up?

(Yes, the books already have an answer. But with the show’s propensity for streamlining, all bets are off!)

Here’s are five places I think Daenerys and Drogon could end up:

Asshai. It’s where Melisandre is from, and blood magic was born. It’s a place full of secrets, potentially including the remaining knowledge of dragonlore, the Doom of Valyria, and Valyrian steel. If anyone is going to be OK with a dragon landing in or around their city, it would proooobably be these creepy people. Besides, it would be pretty cool to see Dany brush up on her Valyrian history — and perhaps even realize that her family has a long history of blood magic. (“Fire and blood” are the Targaryen words, after all. Besides, she hatched her own dragons — perhaps accidentally — through a human blood sacrifice.)

The middle of the ocean. Whether it’s old Valyria, where we’ve seen Drogon flying overhead once already, or somewhere nearby, Dany and Drogon could end up closer to her roots. She might even learn a thing or two about the mystery of what happened to her ancestral home! (This also puts her in a good position to meet any iron-willed pirates who might happen to sail her way…)

Dorne. Maybe Dany will make it to Westeros after all — Dorne would be an ideal place to start. Drogon is essentially a giant lizard, and would most likely appreciate being able to bask in the Dornish sun. The Dornish embrace female heirs, whereas the rest of Westeros is strictly patriarchal, meaning they could be very willing to back her claim to the Iron Throne. Of course, they would have to look past the fact that Dany’s brother, Rhaegar, abandoned his pregnant Dornish wife (Prince Oberyn and Doran’s sister!) in favor of kidnapping and raping Lyanna Stark…

The Wall. Why a dragon would ever willingly come someplace so cold is a mystery, so this seems a very unlikely option. Plus, we all know “fire cannot kill a dragon,” but no one said anything about ice…this is a Song of Ice and Fire, after all, and it seems like the chilly temperatures and strange magic at the Wall and beyond could be a formidable opponent for our favorite dragons. Still, Dany could learn a lot about the real threat facing her rule and humanity itself — the Others — and perhaps even meet her probably-half brother, Jon Snow. (See: The aforementioned kidnapping and rape of Lyanna Stark by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen.)

King’s Landing. This is pretty much guaranteed not to happen. But wouldn’t it be satisfying to see her show all the wannabe game players what true power is by busting through the roof of the throne room on Drogon’s back? (You’re right, Cersei, power is power!)

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