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1. P*ssy-Boy is OWNED by the Russian Mafia.

2. With his 7 bankruptcies, there hasn’t been a bank in the free world that would loan him money for the past 20 years.

3. His financing has been straight from the Russians and the Saudis (“The money has been flowing in from Russia,” Donald Trump, Jr.).

4. Russia has been laundering money through him via $100 million cash purchases of PB’s apartments with a $50 million market value (this is just an example). Now, most of his real estate is owned by “LLCs” and NOBODY knows who actually finances them.

5. This is drug money, organized crime money, human trafficking money, terrorism money, illegal arms sales money — all the lovely activities the Russian Mafia conducts on a daily basis. The “Trump Organization” has been the Russian’s “Clean the Money Bank” for years.

6. By the way, those of you who are not familiar with the Russian Mafia, with them, you won’t find your horse’s head in your bed, you’ll find your BABY’S head in your bed. And remember Putin is EX-KGB!

7. Putin has been working a $500 billion oil deal with the Saudis. DRILLING THE ARCTIC.

8. Putin can’t do this unless the U.S. lifts the sanctions imposed on him for illegally annexing the Crimea.

9. Hillary would NEVER do this.

10. Putin knows PB is a Blithering Idiot so he heaps praise on him and tells him he will win the election for him in exchange for lifting the sanctions.

11. PB says, “OK!!!” because not only does he want to be the most POWERFUL person in the Universe, he also wants to be the RICHEST, it is part of his mentally disturbed pathology (the intense, direct collusion between PB and Putin began last April, right around the time Putin said PB is a genius). He wants a cut of that $500 billion. Why do you think he sold $110 billion ($350 billion over a decade) worth of arms to Muslims?!?!?!?!? THE MUSLIMS!!!!! The very group he declared “Hated America.”

12. Putin not only hired hackers to infiltrate American Social Media and blatantly flood false information about Hillary using KGB psychological tactics, they hacked the software in the voting machines in 39 states that do not have paper ballots to delete Democratic voter’s names from the voting list and count the votes for PB instead of Hillary.

13. Kushner is in on it, Pence is in on it, Paul Ryan is in on it, Mitch McConnell is in on it, and of course, Bannon, Priebus, et al., et al., et al.

14. And there’s still that thing about the “Pee-Pee” tape.

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