Trump Says African Americans Have ‘No Education, No Anything’
Judd Legum

Well thankya’ thankya’ thankya’ Massa trump and Miss Kellyanne!

We’s SOOOO happy you’s gonna’ pull all us Nigras outta poverty an’ let us all be de’ house Nigras!

We’s gon’ vote for you!

We’s knows we stupid and we ain’t got much schoolin’. None of us gots jobs and we’s all poor and hongry and sorry and livin’ in de’ streets in rags eatin’ garbage.

Maybe we’s can clean an’ cook for you and Miss Malaria and lil’ Massa Baron at the trump tower! Yo’ table scraps be a whole lot finer than the scraps we gettin’ now! Maybe Miss Malaria and Massa Baron could give us their ole’ clothes? We’s be so fine walkin’ down 5th avenue in a high falutin’ outfit from their trash can.

Thankya’ Massa trump, thankya!

We’s be powerful greatful Massa trump, powerful greatful!


Keep talkin’, “don the con” and Miss Kellyanne, keep talkin’.

You may set a record and drive that 1% support all the way down to “0”!

VOTE BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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