I have spent years working with people to raise their confidence

As a trained actress, a teacher in speech and Voice, an NLP Master Practitioner and experience of working with people with low confidence — I know I can help you overcome your anxiety in public speaking.

I have spoken at small events and large global conferences and have a clear system to help you overcome your fears of speaking to a large audience.

I can work on a one to one through a VIP day, or with groups of people. Over the years I have helped hundreds of people overcome their fear to stand up and tell their story to a crowd of people.

Often the fears you feel can be overcome by understanding exactly what your job is as a presenter and public speaker. My 6 step system looks at

  • Knowing what your message is and being really clear about it
  • Structure of your presentation or speech so that you know how to put it together
  • Your state of mind before you go on to speak. Changing negative thoughts to positive ones
  • Working with the audience to make the experience interactive
  • How to use your voice and use it to influence and enthuse
  • Putting it all together to become a confident Public Speaker