I don’t know of any such study.
Scott Tactical

Here you go, sir https://peerj.com/preprints/1733/?td=sd :) I’d be interested to see more studies done in this area as well.

The one counterclaim that I thought was interesting was that women who were known on the team tended to have their pull requests accepted more often. This is an interesting dynamic and one that merits some examination, but I have a hunch that it’s from the same sort of dynamic that has existed when I’ve joined a new team of programmers, which sort of goes from “You can’t know anything” to “Oh, you do know something” with the added disadvantage at first of being female…and we all know female geeks don’t exist (I jest).

Regarding the software politics being rough… I don’t mind rough. I crossfit. I’m no namby-pamby. But — I don’t want to have to hide. I’ll duke it out with anyone, because I’ve learned through trial by fire that eventually I get a grudging respect, but it’s the fact that it’s difficult to get into the room TO duke it out…that’s the part that chaps my ass a bit.