Are You Giving Too Much Away For Free In Your Blog?

One of my business friends recently came up to me and said:

“I think you are giving too much away for free in your blogs.”

My colleague was concerned that my blogs are so helpful and informative that no one needs to actually hire me!

I beg to differ.

As a blogger for business, I believe it’s necessary to give away some of your “special sauce” — but not the entire meal. It’s similar to buying Rao’s Pasta Sauce in the grocery store. Sure, you’ll be able to make some pretty mouth watering Italians dishes in your kitchen (and seem like a master chef to your friends), but it still won’t stop you from trying to get a coveted table at Rao’s Italian Restaurant.

Don’t Worry About Giving Away Too Much For Free In Your Blogs

Your ideal clients need and want more — and will gladly pay for the entire meal.

When someone performs a search on Google, she’s asking a question. A Google search is a question; sometimes called a query. She’s looking for information that will make her life better in some way.

For example, a business owner might ask: “How can I make more money and work less?” or “How to write a business plan.” She’s looking for information, answers, and guidance. But she may come across blogs that are not really blogs, they are sales pages — that’s not what she wants to read. With the exception of people who surf the web looking for great examples of sales pages, no one wants to read a “blog” that’s a “sales pitch”.

The key to creating blogs that people do want to read is to be helpful, useful and informative.

When you’re working on blog topics, think about what’s going on inside your client’s head when they want and need information that you can provide.

Getting back to our business owner. Imagine you are a business coach and one of the services you provide is to help people create a business plan. Of course, you want them to pay you to help them create a business plan. But if you write a blog post that simply talks about you and your business and how great you are, you’re not going to get much engagement. In fact, most people will bounce right off the page and keep looking.

Yes, you may get a click. But you’re looking for your ideal clients — not clicks.

On the other hand, when your blog is helpful and useful — you don’t have to worry about giving away too much for free. Instead, here’s what happens:

  • You gain credibility because the reader understands that you know what you’re talking about.
  • Your post is shared because friends like to help friends.
  • The reader gets a taste of your business style.
  • You and your business become synonymous with what you provide.
  • You get better visibility across the web.
  • Your ideal client knows you’re the right choice.

I’m not the only one who uses this strategy. In a recent blog, “How to Create Top-of-Funnel Content That Works”, Vertical Content writes:

“…most of your content should simply answer the questions that people have, not talk about how great your brand is. You can use the remaining 30% to talk about me, me, me in the form of product or service pages, etc.”

The best way to create blog content to help you and your business gain visibility is to first get totally clear about your ideal client. My training gets you crystal clear about your ideals so all of your marketing (including your blog) connects with them instantly and starts the sales conversation.

The next time you’re struggling over a blog post; think about the queries your ideal clients are likely to be performing on Google when they need the help that you provide. Don’t worry about giving away too much for free in your blogs. Go ahead and share some of your secret sauce. It will pay off in the end.

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