My Road to CEO and Finance Exec without a Trust fund​

By: Codie Sanchez Baker @codie_sanchez

From boardrooms to closets, international business expert and investor, Latina millennial, and startup CEO, Codie Sanchez Baker of ThreadsRefined and The Struggle Isn’t Real podcast, is looking to change the way we think about pursuing our passion, while traveling the world, not conforming to the norm, outsourcing all your to-dos and adding zeros to your bank account on your terms.

My mantra is the path of least resistance for the greatest possible output. It’s all about efficacy instead of efficiency. With this model I’ve gotten to have some fun in my still relatively young years.

I’ve been a Latina journalist covering human trafficking in Mexico, a finance exec consulting with global pensions, a speaker talking about marketing to hundreds, a podcast host on The Struggle Isn’t Real, a startup CEO of a style company on the Today Show, and I’ve certainly also been a confused human looking for what my purpose is in life and how to achieve it. I’ve dedicated most of my life to doing the things that people tell me I can’t, or are impossible, or just really anything I’m told not to do. From building multi-million dollar companies, to traveling the world, and hiking Patagonia, I’ve realized that in fact we can do much more than we think we are capable of, and it is much easier than we are ever told.

Codie Sanchez Baker, CEO of ThreadsRefined
So my mission is simple: I believe that each day we continue to breathe is a day that comes with an opportunity, a responsibility, and a beautiful privilege to find what makes our heart sing and then spend ourselves in the pursuit of it.

This makes me squirm a bit as it all sounds like shameless bragging and self-promotion but I say this only because, I am in no way, shape or form, special. What I achieved is deliciously feasible for anyone willing to get a bit outside the box.

So here’s the truth, I didn’t have a trust fund but did have amazing parents.

My mother is a retired 30-year special education teacher (God bless her patient soul) and my Spanish father did not go to college. Besides having a decidedly rebellious streak, my grades were not earth shattering.

In fact, I distinctly recall my mathematics teacher telling me I’d have as much luck in finance as Helen Keller in an archery competition. Ahem, his words not mine. Ten years later, the joke is on him as finance has become my career and said teacher now works at Burger King. Karma does exist.

Following my (I kid you not at one point dreads wearing) tragically garbed high school history, I attended the educationally sophisticated mecca of Arizona State University. Better known for its party scene than intellectual rigor, I did manage to double major in Spanish and journalism where I did receive the Kennedy award for journalism and graduated with honors (although again ASU is no Harvard). All the self-deprecation aside having now graduated from Georgetown in grad school and proven myself in business, while there is a literal ocean of individuals more accomplished than I, I’m convinced we can do infinitely more than we think we are capable of.

So if you are stuck at a desk all day, staring at a computer, trying to find what the hell your “purpose” is, you’re probably like most millennials, Latino’s (or any of us) who are looking for something more than the grind of a job. On The Struggle Isn’t Real Podcast and my website, we figure out together how to design your life, career, travel and relationships to create the lifestyle you want. We talk about everything from how to become an expert in anything, to finding a job that pays you to travel, to how to figure out what it is you actually want to do in life and then go get it.

My philosophy is that first you find what drives you, then you start working towards it, and as you start to realize who you are you help others do the same. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so it’s critical to look internally first. Then if you are like me, you truly believe in helping people grow through economic development and self-empowerment. I believe in a hand up not a hand out because I believe we all have a unique skill to share with the world. Thus, besides holding board positions on the board of ALPFA, AFP, Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce I try to integrate community service in my work just as I do travel. This was a main driver for why I started my The Struggle Isn’t Real podcast, I thought perhaps by sharing what knowledge I have as an in tandem with other humans who are living their why we can all extend a hand up, motivate one another and leave no one behind.

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