Bernie certainly cannot save the DNC.
Ammon Ford

Bernie didn’t resign from the DNC. Just like the state that I live in, Bernie’s state of Vermont is open primary, meaning that it is not necessary to register a party in order to vote. Bernie was elected to the Senate as an independent, so he went back to the Senate under that status. Bernie correctly said that the DNC needed to embrace independents like him because there are almost twice as many independents as there are members of the Democratic party.

Both dominant parties have been losing members for a long while now, because the leadership of both insist on courting big donors and on serving corporate and wealthy donors in office, rather than serving the public interests. Bernie is trying to get the Democrats to go back to being a party that works for the people. Bernie is in the mold of FDR Democrats, while the neoliberals who took over when Bill Clinton was elected work directly against what FDR built. Many have noticed that the neoliberals give lip service to serving the public on the campaign trail, but deliver policy that is overwhelmingly corporate-based. We don’t need two parties that both serve corporate and wealthy donors.

And if you’re going to argue that only a moron needed a question about water quality leaked before the Flint debate, are you saying that Brazille thought Hillary was a moron? That’s why she needed the question leaked? Why would Brazille risk her job and, indeed, get fired from that job for leaking questions if anyone could have easily answered the questions? From reports I’ve seen, it looks like Brazille leaked multiple questions and was justifiably fired for doing so. It’s a pity that the DNC was less picky about the character of the person who represented them than CNN was. Similarly, Hillary immediately picked up Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her campaign when the DNC was forced to dump her for rigging the election, proving she didn’t mind corruption either.

Actions like these have led to such a lack of trust for the Democratic party that voters didn’t turn out. Trump got about the same amount of Republican votes as Mitt did, but Hillary did not draw the Democratic voters out, even in states where Obama had easily won. The Democratic party needs some radical reforms, because just claiming that the other guy is worse is not going to work as a campaign strategy.

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