Culture, Tequila and Tacos

There are many cultural trends sweeping the nation that we would, quite frankly, like to see the back of: the dab, the bae, the selfie and the Kanye West to name but a few.

One trend that we are fully behind however, is the Mexican inspired tequila/taco bar!

Craft beer remains the dominant trend within the world of alcoholic beverages, whisky a close second and wine bars remain in third. They better watch out though, it’s the sporadic, exponential growth of tequila bars grabbing the consumers’ attention as of late. Dow Jones down, FTSE 100 down, TQLA UP! Put a tequila bar on a rooftop and punters might just lose their minds!

The reason? It’s something new and exciting for one, but that can’t be all. Step into any reputable tequila bar and you’ll find a laid back atmosphere, FRESH food and smiles. There’s no fluff, what you see is what you get, I mean just look at a taco! There’s no pointless garnish or drizzled sauce on the side, just good hearty and flavoursome food.

We’re reluctant to call it a trend as we hope they stick around.


For the record, tequila is not simply a party drink, although drink enough and even the dullest tea party turns exhilarating (swings from chandelier). Beyond shots, slammers and hangovers, Tequila is a remarkable drink which can express the nuances of its raw material arguably better than any other spirit on the planet. The key to its unique flavour is not a worm as myth would have you believe, but the spiky distinctive blue agave plant, giving Tequila its trademark flavour — a combination of fruit, pepper and spice.


  • The blue agave plant is not a cactus, despite its spiky appearance; instead, agave tequilana is a succulent that more closely resembles a lily.
  • Roughly 85% of all tequila is consumed in Mexico and the United States, with the latter accounting for 75% of export sales.

It is said, “All whisky drinkers are tequila drinkers, they just don’t know it yet.


Having broken down the drink, let’s concentrate on the food for a minute.

I mentioned FRESH food. Capitalised for a reason — where possible reputable tequila bars gather their ingredients locally. “Where possible” as — good luck finding locally grown avocados in abundance.

Taco Tuesday! A favourite nowadays.

Mexican cuisine expands way beyond tacos, however, the taco itself is a very versatile dish. You can more or less put anything you desire in it before devouring. Popular fillings include: fish, carne asada, fajita, beef and bean, chicken mole, chipotle pork, chorizo with potato, and the list goes on. ATTENTION: If your idea of Mexican cuisine is Old El Paso, take immediate action and educate yourself.

Mexican food has not changed very much in history. It is believed that Mexican cuisine was derived from what the Mayan Indians prepared as far as 2000 years ago. Everything is completely natural and flavourful, rich in colour and taste, along with spices that have a righteous kick.

Are you hungry yet?

Before you scurry off to your nearest Tequila bar or Mexican restaurant… No, never mind, don’t worry…


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