Two years spamming spammers back

Sarah: My husband dead two years ago and the family members wants to kill me and my children and seat on the inheritance he left for us with bank here l am now in a hiding with my kids and the documents of inheritance is with us…

Bot: Very nice! Where abouts are you located?

But first, the back story…

Dear sir/madam,
Please first let me introduce myself. I am the name Parul Johnson and I have opportunity of the lifetime for you.
My services include multiple abilities in cyber security defense and webinars including strategies.
Please find this letter as an invitation to work in the future.
Regard me,

You waste the spammers time.

I put them in the Spam Looper

John Turing’s tofu leggings williamsburg banjo

Spammers will find you, even if you’re not real

Bots can negotiate prices?




Co-Founder and Head of Product at Density

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Brian Weinreich

Brian Weinreich

Co-Founder and Head of Product at Density

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