Gazing From the Moon

I heard from John about the Super Bloom of wildflowers in California that can be seen from space.

Our SGI-organization is working to purify itself and also focusing on a goal of gathering 50,000 young disciples by Nov 18, 2018.

Our mentor, Daiskau Ikeda is praying with the youth to support them with this goal.

I wonder if this super bloom that can be seen from space is a message, proof, that the seeds have been planted and the wildflowers are calling out,“Now is the time!”

Daisaku Ikeda converses with his mentor every day, even though Mr. Toda passed away April 2, 1958. Daisaku Ikeda lives his life to give his mentor a world of lasting peace.

I had a thought about my friends and family who have passed away. I wonder, if maybe they have gathered together on another planet.

And they can see us, and they have unity in their hearts because they love. And because they love in unity, they have power to display.

Maybe Sensei knows this and sees the Super Bloom as proof of the greatest spread of Nichiren Buddhism and the already determined victory of the 50,000 youth gathering on Nov. 18, 2018 and beyond.


Delmar Brown at work

Delmar’s memorial is a week from Saturday. His lionesque spirit is strong.

Every time I see a photo of his face, there’s a direct connection to my heart and my eyes make tears.

I KNOW he can see and convey from his planet. He’s always been powerful and spiritual.

Joan passed away on the 14th of a day last year — I forget which month, but John wrote me once to say he had been gazing into the mirror one day and he saw Joan’s eyes looking into his. That same day, he received his issue of Word Tribune. The title page was an essay from Daiskau Ikeda titled, “A Piece of Mirror”.

She is sending messages and he is listening. I appreciate the way they help me remember this. She sends them to me, too. I need to listen more.

And Harrison, our precious ‘hairy son’, who passed away Nov. 11, 2012, while fusing into the Gohonzon, sent us Laki. which means “light”.

Laki was born on Oct. 2nd- World Peace Day and my Gohonzon birthday.


Our arrogance and anger is frightful. There is so much beauty and benefit to appreciate.

And yet, the processes of inner change and the anguish that can come with saying what must be said can send a person to stay in bed like I did all day yesterday.


Yesterday, I wrote to Akemi who is in Japan at a training course, Riri sent her letter to Adin and Danny and Gerard and Linda spoke for a couple of hours about some uncomfortable aspects of the state of our organization. Earlier this week, Anthony mentioned how a group text that revealed things about ‘suicidal tendencies’ of a new member, actually turned the member off so much, she turned away from the organization.

Painting by Gerard Santuoso

And so, today we head into Good Friday and hopefully have created the time where we genuinely cast off the transient and reveal the true.

We speak out for change and never lose our gratitude. It’s time to awaken to the power of people and their Super Bloom .

We are an organization to propagate the Mystic Law so the people who are missing their treasure, can find it. We are disciples, who study and vow to never let Nichiren Buddhism go off track.

We want to cultivate a culture of dignity and respect and seeking spirit and appreciation that spreads and blossoms without limit, so profoundly and vastly that you can see it from the moon.

I had a dream on May 26, 2014 and wrote a poem to it.

“The pendulum is swinging widely and with great speed;

Priority is on protecting the children;

Confident be that the treasure people seek is where you stand;

The ship went down with treasure aboard — The people are missing it and looking for it.

Dig down and bring it up with your own hands”