Conference Report: BLOCKSHOW in LAS VEGAS, Day 1

The BEXAM team is currently attending the Americas 2018 BLOCKSHOW conference in Las Vegas, USA.

With the first day of the conference behind us, we would like to give a short report on what has happened, our experiences and impressions:

Day One of the event was a great turnout!

Our Project Manager, Paulo D’Alberti gave his first conference speech and while he was nervous, he presented his speech in front of the audience full of confidence.

Paulo on stage!

His speech grabbed the attention of other crypto enthusiasts as well as the many other guest speakers at the event.

We had a great time meeting and talking with many different attendees and getting to know other projects.

The team with conference attendees at the BEXAM booth

Everyone showed a great interest in BEXAM and expressed their optimism in what our project offers.

It was absolutely fantastic to be received with such positive feedback from lawyers, investors, speakers, media, and other projects.

Our merchandise, especially the paper fans with our BEXAM logo on it were a hit with everyone who came to talk with us. It felt special to not only share our project’s mission, but also leave everyone with a little bit of Japanese culture.

Day One of Blockshow may have ended, but thanks to the positive response we are looking forward to Day Two!

We are so excited to share more about BEXAM and look forward to meeting everyone who comes to the event!

Stay tuned for videos and more pictures from the Americas 2018 BLOCKSHOW in Las Vegas, USA!

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