Conference Report: BLOCKSHOW in LAS VEGAS, Day 2

All of us at BEXAM had another fantastic day at the Blockshow!

We were lucky to be given an extra hour to sleep in this morning, but Satoshi and Paulo ended up sleeping in even later!

Not surprising considering how busy they were the previous day. Thanks to the wonderful turnout from yesterday most of our visitors were attendees and other participants who stopped by to see our project due to word of mouth. We saw familiar faces from yesterday as they came to say hello or introduce a friend of theirs.

Paulo was just as busy as yesterday, his schedule filled with meetings and interviews with media outlets and influencers such as Waqar Zaka.

He even had the opportunity to meet with the founder of one of his favorite projects, AidCoin. While we weren’t exactly sure what to expect when we first arrived, Blockshow Americas 2018 was an overall success for BEXAM. We enjoyed meeting new people, promoting the project, and are now more confident than ever that BEXAM is the concept crypto enthusiasts have been waiting for.

We’d like to thank everyone again for stopping by to talk with us. We had such a wonderful experience here in Vegas, but unfortunately we’re heading back to Tokyo early tomorrow morning. Hopefully we’ll be able to visit Las Vegas in the future and next time maybe have time to try a few slots! It’s been a blast!

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