Conference Report: WBF London 2018

On the 4th to 5th of September Bexam attended the World Blockchain Forum conference in London. CEO Satoshi Kobayashi and Project Manager Paulo D’Alberti joined with local marketing team member Romit Limbu on their first European conference.

The event took place at the old fish market of London, a place that symbolizes trade and lively exchange — symbols that came true also today as almost 60 projects could present themselves to over 2000 attendees. The key center of the event was, however, the main stage, as the organizers managed to deliver a wonderful and steady flow of various speakers talking and discussing a colorful variety of topics. They also ensured that you didn’t have to be physically present at the stage in order to follow up but could do so from several parts of the venue. Paulo had the opportunity of being part of this flow, delivering Bexam’s ICO pitch in front of a very attentive crowd.

Project Manager Paulo on stage.

The event served as a great source of positive feedback, be it for the hybrid concept of our exchange or for the disruptive power of the Proof of Rounds consensus algorithm. As it was also the case, a few people asked some very good questions and made some very good points that will help us further improve our prepared product.

Bexam team members with StartupToken CEO, Yacine Teraï.

The icing on the cake of the event was our newly formed partnership with StartupToken, a blockchain start-up incubator that aims to help them develop a high level of professionalism required to succeed in this market. This partnership was immediately put into practice as they invited us to a meetup that was held on the 5th of September to present our project to investors alongside other ones with existing prototypes and MVPs.

We returned to our offices happy to have participated and are looking forward to attending similar events in the future.

About us:

The BEXAM exchange is the the next generation of cryptocurrency trading: An exchange platform that anyone can use.

By utilizing time-tested concepts of traditional centralized systems and by combining them with new blockchain technology, we created an exchange that presents a solution for many existing problems:

With over 40 million transactions per second and a block generation time of 0.2sec/block the BEXAM exchange is super fast, user friendly, scalable, and energy efficient.

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