Happy New Year

This was originally written in early 2016. I am running it now because of the recent Lunar New Year and the huge buzz around Fedora Atomic Workstation. Looks like at least one year (the year of the Containerized Desktop) is coming early.

A friend, Liam Proven, retweeted John Cleese.

This sentiment, which I agree with, caused me to think of all of those other “great years” we have been talking about. These are years like, The Year of the Linux Desktop.

Therefore, I not so humbly submit this small list of years.

2016 — The year of understanding science

2017 — The year of great conference Wi-Fi

201X — Great Recurring Task rewrite of taskwarrior

202X — The year of the Containerized Desktop

204X — The year of the Linux Desktop

20XX — The year I actually work only 40 hours a week

Which years did I miss?

Originally published at www.winglemeyer.org on January 4, 2016.