Inspirers #1: The Golden Story of Viral in Turkey: Batesmotelpro

This story is about a bunch of guys and the beginning of “viral” in Turkey.

There are many blogs about “digital advertising” but probably nobody has written about this. This is one of the most inspiring stories ever told about digital advertising in Turkey.

The story starts with Volkan –a naval engineer guy- who loves shooting videos. He has that “crazy” idea to shoot a video named “Bana Kitap Al” as a parody of the song “Ne Me Quitte Pas” and so Tansu & Ömür joins him.

Youtube didn’t Exist When They Shot It.

Youtube started broadcasting in 2005. They shot “Bana Kitap Al” in 2003 when there was no Youtube. So it was uploaded in 2006 to Youtube. And it got viral. They were on newspapers, on Tv Shows. Statistics say that there were around 12–15M people on Internet connected from Turkey and “Bana Kitap Al” was watched more than 4M.

The other great hit was “Sütü Seven Kamyoncu” which made them more famous:

Let’s get back to the story. So Volkan lef his job and started to work at 41?29! as a copywriter after they shot “the first branded viral in Turkey” Ah Lahanam for with 41?29!. Also we should congratulate Hakkı Arıkan who was the marketing manager at Gittigidiyor in 2008.

Creating a Community That Loves Your Brand
In years, they didn’t stop shooting videos. Some of them were branded and some of them were not but they expanded their community with great content in years. Now, the community is waiting for them to create a new content. The community gets excited when they publish a new content. This is something that every brand, every advertising agency dream of.

What I admire about them is, it’s not that easy to make people laugh if you have a branded content. Even there’s no media budget, Batesmotelpro is a great way to go viral. And I don’t know how they do it, but even my mum knows them. Even parents are sharing their videos.

They say they never thought that they will make money and leave their actual jobs for this. Volkan was a naval engineer, Tansu was a banker and Ömür was an independent accountant.

But here they are, started with a Youtube video, shot more than 50 branded virals, built up a company as Batesmotelpro in 2013 with great investors: Volkan Çağsal and Nil Aldemir.

And here is their first interview made in 2006 :)

Keep on rocking guys!