Announcing Beyond Binary

We are very excited to announce the initiation of our photojournalism series, Beyond Binary Project!

These documentations will serve as a representative vessel for people who are transitioning within, or do not necessarily conform to, the gender binary.

We feel that such visibility has been beckoned crucially by recent domestic events. In addition to the constant real threat of violence towards trans individuals there is a pervasive attitude of ignorance, which insinuates that talking or asking about gender issues is somehow superfluous, unnecessary, or even harmful.

Today’s world hosts a multitude of outlets for both real knowledge and misinformation. Many people feel particularly defensive when confronted by ideas or sciences that are simply new to them. This archive of photos and stories will function as a primary source of personal information for those who seek to learn about topics of gender identity by taking part in the humanizing joy of self expression.

Non-binary and transgender people have always existed, but we are lucky to live in a period of time when intelligence is becoming more readily available, and it is our pleasure to provide a space to digest such information comfortably.

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